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Home Study

For a student who cannot attend a regular day school program, a home study program is offered in many courses. The home study program is supported by the teacher at the Thessalon Adult Learning Centre if the student requires assistance. Students can work on their courses from home and may come in or call at anytime to get assistance from the teacher.


Home Study Course List:

ENG1L, English, Grade 9 Locally Developed
ENG1P, English, Grade 9 Applied
ENG2P, English, Grade 10 Applied
ELS2O, Literacy Skills: Reading & Writing, Grade 10 Open
ENG2D, English, Grade 10 Academic
ENG3E, English, Grade 11 Workplace
ENG3C, English, Grade 11 College
ENG3U, English, Grade 11 University
ENG4E, English, Grade 12 Workplace
ENG4C, English, Grade 12 College
ENG4U, English, Grade 12 University
EWC4U, The Writer's Craft, Grade 12 University
EMS3O, Media Studies, Grade 11 Open
EBT4O, Communications in the World of Business, Grade 12 Open


Canadian & World Studies
CHC2P, History Since World War I, Grade 10 Applied
CHV2O, Civics, Grade 10 Open
CGG3O, Travel and Tourism: A Regional Perspective, Grade 10 Open
CLU3M, Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11 College/University
CHW3M, World History to the Sixteenth Century, Grade 11 College/University
CHY4U, World History: The West and the World, Grade 12 University


MAT1L, Mathematics, Grade 9 Locally Developed
MFM1P, Mathematics, Grade 9 Applied
MPM1D, Principles of Mathematics, Grade 9 Academic
MAT2L, Mathematics, Grade 10 Locally Developed
MFM2P, Mathematics, Grade 10 Applied
MPM2D, Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10 Academic
MEL3E, Math for Word and Everyday Life, Grade 11 Workplace
MBF3C, Math of Personal Finance, Grade 11 College
MCF3M, Functions and Applications, Grade 11 College/University
MCR3U, Functions, Grade 11 University
MEL4E, Mathematics for Word and Everyday Life, Grade 12 Workplace
MCT4C, Math for College Technology, Grade 12 College
MAP4C, Mathematics, Grade 12 College
MDM4U, Mathematics of Data Management, Grade 12 University
MHF4U, Advanced Functions, Grade 12 University


SNC1P, Science, Grade 9 Applied
SNC1D, Science, Grade 9 Academic
SNC2P, Science, Grade 10 Applied
SNC2D, Science, Grade 10 Academic
SNC3M, Science, Grade 11 College/University
SBI3C, Biology, Grade 11 College
SBI3U, Biology, Grade 11 University
SCH3U, Chemistry, Grade 11 University
SPH3U, Physics, Grade 11 University
SBI4U, Biology, Grade 12 University
SCH4C, Chemistry, Grade 12 College
SCH4U, Chemistry, Grade 12 University
SNC4E, Science, Grade 12 Workplace
SNC4M, Science, Grade 12 College/University
SES4U, Earth and Space Science, Grade 12 University
SVN3M, Environmental Science, Grade 11 College/University



Business and Computers
BDI3C, Entrepreneurial Studies, Grade 11 College
BDP3O, Entrepreneurship, Grade 11 Open
BOH4M, Business Leadership, Grade 12, College/University


Social Sciences
HPC3O, Parenting, Grade 11 Open
HHS4M, Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society, Grade 12 College/University
HSB4M, Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12 College/University
HIP3E, Managing Personal Resources, Grade 11 Workplace
HIR3C, Managing Personal and Family Resources, Grade 11 College
HLS3O, Living Spaces and Shelter, Grade 11 Open
HNC3O, Fashion and Creative Expression, Grade 11 Open
HPD4E, Parenting and Human Development, Grade 12 Workplace
HPW3C, Living and Working with Children, Grade 11 College


Career Studies
GLC2O, Career Studies, Grade 10 Open
GPP3O, Leadership and Peer Support
GWL3O, Designing Your Future, Grade 11 Open
GLN4O, Navigating the Workplace, Grade 12 Open


TFT3C, Hospitality and Tourism, Grade 11 College
TFT4C, Tourism, Grade 12 College
TOJ4C, Child Development and Gerontology, Grade 12 College


Other Courses
PPZ3O, Health for Life, Grade 11 Open
NBV3E, Aboriginal Beliefs, Values and Aspirations in Canadian Society, Gr.11 Workplace


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