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GED Preparation

Our GED Preparation classes help students get ready for their GED exam and focus on the five subjects and their specific areas of study. Students will be given pretests to assess their strengths and weaknesses in these subjects and an independent learning plan will then be developed to improve these areas. Subjects will include:

Language Arts: Reading

Literary Text, Poetry, Drama, Fiction (Pre-1920, 1920–1960, 1960 to present), Non-fiction Text, Non-fiction Prose (Biography, Critical Review of Fine and Performing Arts), and Workplace Documents.

Language Arts: Writing (Part I)

Organization, Sentence Structure, Mechanics, and Usage.

Language Arts: Writing (Part II)

Essay Writing. 

Social Studies

History, Civics, Economics, and Geography. 


Life Science(Biology and Health), Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics).


Numbers, Number Sense and Operations, Data, Statistics and Probability, Geometry and Measurement, Algebra, Functions, and Patterns.

There are generally three tests scheduled throughout the year in Sault Ste. Marie. Typically these tests occur in the spring, summer and fall. Please call us to receive information about current scheduling times and dates.


GED Schedule
Sault Ste. Marie

October 25 & 25, 2014

(Application Deadline - Sept. 27)

GED prep

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