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Microsoft Word

Length - 6 Weeks
Topics Include:

  • Basic formatting of text (i.e. font, alignment, superscript, subscript, special characters etc.)
  • Basic pages set-up (i.e. line spacing, margins, pages size, columns, etc.)
  • Inserting and formatting images, tables, text boxes, WordArt, etc.
  • Inserting pages elements (i.e. bullets, numbered lists, headers, footers, etc.)
  • Copying and pasting information/images from other sources
  • Using built-in templates


Using Microsoft Word, students will begin with basic formatting of text and images, and progress to more advanced layout techniques.  Students will scaffold learned techniques through the creation of various Word projects.  Projects may include recipes, business documents, photo collages, posters, and envelopes.

Are you ready to take this course?

Students should possess these minimum skills and/or materials prior to taking this course:

  • Basic computing experience (i.e. turning on computer, basic mouse and keyboarding) – If you do not possess these skills, you may be interested in taking the Basic Computing course.

What you need to do before you attend your first class

  • Call Thessalon Continuing Education at (705) 842-9191 to get your name placed on a class list. You will be contacted approximately one week before classes begin to confirm your attendance and answer any questions you may have.
  • Registration is free!



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