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(Apple iPad or Android)

Length - 4 Weeks
Topics Include:

  • Set-up, basic controls and gestures (i.e. external buttons, swiping, updates, etc.)
  • Connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network
  • Suring the Internet (i.e. tabs favourites, browser bar, etc.)
  • Using built-in features (i.e. calendar, clock, contacts, camera, FaceTime, Siri, Tips, Air Drop, etc.)
  • Downloading and using “Apps” (App Store, using a gift card, top “Apps”, iTunes, etc.)


The Tablets course focuses on the use of the Apple iPad tablet, however android tablets are acceptable to bring along.  This course will begin by setting-up a new tablet for its first use, however if this is already complete, students will not have to reformat their tablet.  Once set-up is complete, students will learn how to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network and use basic functions and gestures used to operate their tablet effectively.  Progression throughout the course covers the use of built-in “Apps” such as, adding contacts, calendar schedules, taking and storing photos and videos, and surfing the Internet.  Downloading “Apps” and music, as well as setting up email, social media accounts and tablet security will also be covered.


Are you ready to take this course?

Students should possess these minimum skills and/or materials prior to taking this course:

  • No experience related to computers necessary
  • Tablet, including cords and attachments (i.e. case, wireless keyboard, if desired)

What you need to do before you attend your first class

  • Call Thessalon Continuing Education at (705) 842-9191 to get your name placed on a class list. You will be contacted approximately one week before classes begin to confirm your attendance and answer any questions you may have.
  • Registration is free!



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